LEARN KITESURF IN GREECE! Kitesurf Athens Centre is On!

  • Learn the fascinating sport of kitesurf in just a few hours!  
  • Practice with the best in some of the best locations in Greece, Kitesurfing Athens , Messinia, Koroni, Kalamata, Kitesurf Peloponnese!  
  • Safety is Our Priority!
The lessons (demonstration and guidance) are held in some of the best spots around Greece (Athens, Messinia , Peloponnese, Thessalokini). Normally we will follow the wind whatever it takes! However, during summer the best conditions are thermal phenomenon wind along with the meltemi North direction wind that blows in the Aegean. No Matter what your level is you can become with us from ZERO to HERO! Read More Here


Teaching Experience

I am passionate certified iko instructor that spends time in the water almost on a daily basis! My method is based on IKO , the globally recognized international kiteboarding organization. My experience can be found in Greece working for Starwood hotel, Costa Navarino and Surfsalad surf school and huahin in Thailand working for KiteBoardingAsia kite school. Serving very different people, different ages and number of students per lesson, made me able to provide the best kitesurfing experience. Read More about kitesurf athens centre plus...


Kitesurf Costa Navarino – Lessons in Peloponnese Summer 2017

Kitesurf Addicted Santa Claus @Vouliagmeni Greece before 2018 New Year!

Kitesurf Athens – Session @ Kavouri December 10/12/2017

Double Pleasure Oropos | Double frontroll downloop transition, double backroll kiteloop | 28-06-2017

Kitesurf Session @ Oropos Greece 02.06.3017

Kitesurf Session @ Oropos, Athens Greece – Unhooked Backroll , Frontroll Kiteloop and so on…

Kitesession in Navarino Easter 2017 Kiteboard Lessons in Peloponnese Messinia Koroni

Kitesurf session oropos 04/2017- kitemonkey

loutsa Kitesurf @ Nissakia 29.05.2017

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