Kiteboard Lesson | Independent – Level 3


Become Independent Kiteboarder!

This kiteboard guided lesson has a duration of around 6 hours.

  • Assess the wind and Location (hazards – safety conditions)
  • Getting to know the parts of a kite, set up and safety systems. Control the kite.
  • Know the communication signals.
  • Land and launch the kite. Pilot the kite.
  • Self Land.
  • Water Relaunch.
  • Bodydrag Downwind.
  • Bodydrag Upwind.
  • Powerstrokes in the Water.
  • Bodydrag with the board.
  • Watestart

Kitesurf guided lesson – whenever necessary – is held with the use of walkie talkie for the best experience possible.
* All Equipment provided – life vest, helmet, kite, board, bar, wetsuit.



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